Be all that you can be - stop tolerating life and start truly living your elite lifestyle - claim back your power NOW and have fear be a thing of the past.!

Elite Lifestyle Coaching

If you could wave a ‘magic wand’ and experience a ‘break-through’ in every area of your life – ‘wow’ – what would that be like? If you didn’t have to tolerate things any more and if fear was a thing of the past – what would that be like? …. unrecogniseable right? … Claim back your power and become the person you want to be, achieve the results you want to achieve and truly start living your life again. Elite Lifestyle Coaching …

  • Inspirational leadership coaching
  • Claim back your power and achieve your goals and dreams
  • Get the breakthrough that you’ve been looking for
  • Sustainable, Unrecogniseable Transformation – Experience your greatness 24/7
  • Get present to what can be possible – You are the creator of your own world

And start truly living your Elite Lifestyle.


So extraordinary that it’s not true – BUT, imagine if it was – THEN – imagine what you could achieve if you were commited to your own change process. Change Takes Guts AND Commitment. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE FLIGHT AND BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU? …. contact us today to arrange a free no obligation 1hour consult.

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Wendy Brennan, certified coach

Wendy is an inspirational Lifestyle Coach certified in the Evolved Leadership Coaching Education, a truly amazing, unique and life altering education; the knowledge gained from this education is capable of transforming every area of your life, having you achieve things that you previously never thought possible. If you’re looking for a sustainable transformation in your life, personal or professional then contact Wendy for a free one hour consultation.

Are you living your elite lifestyle?

If so, ‘fantastic’, but if not, ‘why not?’ life is not a dress rehearsal! Claim back your power and achieve your goals and dreams … it’s your time, don’t put it off any longer, the time is now – right NOW!

I am a leading expert in enabling people to live an elite lifestyle. Having been brought up in a family where money was ultra scarce, this set the stage for me not wanting scarcity in my own life. I am so grateful for the many exciting life experiences I have had thus far. I’ve travelled much of the world and moved from England to New Zealand when I was 25.

Having come to a ‘cross-roads’ in my life, I was introduced to the Evolved Leadership (Freefall) Coaching Education, this gave me the direction I so needed, it accelerated every area of my professional and personal life and I now enjoy a wonderful presonal life and a successful property, interior design and coaching career.

I’m passionate about inspiring people and imparting them with the tools that this education gave me. Elite Lifestyle Coaching will enable you to claim back your power, live a life where fear no longer ‘has you’ and experience the break-throughs that you’ve been yearning for – life is not a dress rehearsal, the question is … ‘what are you doing about it?’

I can help you get your life back on track

If you’re serious about wanting to get your life back on track and achieve results you’ve only previously dreamed of then contact me now to set up a NO OBLIGATION, free, one hour consultation … It’s my profound privilege to meet you.

Remember - A real decission is measured by the fact that you've taken new action, if there's no action then you haven't truly decided

- Anthony Robbins

And some kind words from our satisfied customers…

Sally Anderson call it x-factor, charisma, presence. Wendy has all 3 traits
It is with great pleasure that I write a testimonial for Wendy Brennan. In my line of work I meet many people and there are just times when you meet certain people that stand out, call it x-factor, charisma, presence. Wendy has all 3 traits in abundance. She is a multi-faceted entrepreneur and dynamic business woman – she has many many strings to her bow – she is one of the leading real estate icons in the New Zealand marketplace, property development magnet, extraordinary interior designer, and consummate mentor. To enhance the many facets of her knowledge base, Wendy is now a certified Freefall coach which compliments her years of wisdom dealing with a plethora of people from all walks of life. She of all people knows what it takes to achieve greatness but also knows what it takes to sustain that greatness overtime, hence her interest in adding coaching to her extensive portfolio. There are no other real estate operators/property developers in the world that have access to the Freefall education, which puts Wendy in a league of her own. The establishment of Elite Lifestyle International is the culmination of years of hard work. To hire Wendy as a mentor/coach/real estate agent/interior designer/property developer would be a wise move for she is at the leading edge of her game. Know that she stands by the ethos of her brand, so if you are ready to live and lead an elite lifestyle do not hesitate to give Wendy a call, you will not be disappointed!
Paul Van Zijl I would certainly recommend Wendy as your lifestyle coach
I recently participated in a coaching programme with Wendy, scheduling a weekly 1 hour catch up online.
Having known Wendy for a number of years, I was a little unsure as to how the coaching sessions would go and more importantly whether I would be willing to ‘open up’ or allow myself to become vulnerable. The way in which Wendy conducted each session and the coaching programme overall was extremely professional and put any doubts or concerns that I may have had at ease.
Wendy allowed me to open up, be honest and get in touch with what I am passionate about. With Wendy’s coaching and assistance I now have some clear goals in place and I look forward to achieving success with what I have set for myself. Wendy has also given me the tools and knowledge to achieve further success in all areas of my life, whatever direction I decide I would like to go.
If you would like to achieve success in what you are passionate about, or maybe unlock or reconnect with what you are truly passionate about whilst gaining the tools to do so, I would certainly recommend Wendy as your Lifestyle coach to help you on your journey.
Karlie Brown ... the whole experience has really changed the course of my life ...
I just wanted to thank you for your time at the Freefall retreat. Your input was really valued, and made a real difference to me. I can very seriously and genuinely say that the whole experience has really changed the course of my life, and I wanted to thank you for the role you played in that.
Jesh Jaskiewicz what a ride! ... I am truly gratelful for my new and happy life.
What a ride! The 6 months with my coach/mentor has been truly transformational. Decisions I made in the past were based on subconscious belief patterns which sabotaged me financially, mentally, physically and emotionally. To stop repeating these patterns I knew I needed outside help, I engaged Wendy.
Six months on my life is so different, much more expansive, joyful, relaxed and fulfilling. I have mastered new ways of managing my life and have achieved some significant and personally challenging goals set at the beginning of the programme. Most importantly one of the goals I had the most resistance to setting was meeting the woman of my dreams, only possible from the power of the coaching received. Thank you Wendy, to you I am truly grateful for my new and happy life.
Joan Barton Thank you so much for your support, encouragemnet and confidence ...
Thank you so much for your support, encouragement and confidence, its's been really appreciated.
Deb Saunders I highly recommend Elite Lifestyle Coaching as a way of getting your confidence back and achieving your goals in life.
When I started working with Wendy at Elite Lifestyle Coaching my confidence was at an all-time low, I was feeling down with no purpose and felt as if things were conspiring against me. By the time I had completed my coaching with Wendy my confidence had increased considerably and I was ready to face the world full on, the future looked a lot brighter. I now had purpose in my life – a new company and a new passion for life.
There were times through the coaching process where I wanted to give up but Wendy, through tough but gentle persuasion, always got me back on track. She got me to do things which I did not think I was capable of doing, it's a fantastic feeling.
Wendy was excellent in her coaching. I could not have gotten where I am now without her constant support and words of wisdom. I highly recommend Elite Lifestyle Coaching as a way of getting your confidence back and achieving your goals in life.

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